Kits Questions and Answers

Some questions and answers about cross stitch, blackwork, hardanger and embroidery kits.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to hear from you and we'll do our best to help.

We've even been known to translate Swedish proverbs (probably not very well)!

What Kind of Kits are There?

The majority of our kits are counted - you make stitches on an evenly spaced fabric following the chart or graph that is supplied with the kit.

Some are stamped or embellished - the fabric is already printed with the image or pattern to guide the stitcher.

What's in a Kit?

Kits come complete with A few of the smaller kits come with a wooden frame to match the design.

Can I get just the pattern?

Some Heritage Crafts kits, Classic and Cinammon Cat, and a few Lanarte kits are also available as patterns but almost always this is not possible.

Can I Stitch An Evenweave Kit on Aida or vice versa?

Most kits are supplied in both versions, but for those that aren't it is possible under some circumstances to use a different fabric. For example, 14 count Aida is equivalent to 28 count Evenweave, 11 count to 22 count and so on.

In general the amount of thread/floss supplied will be OK provided the counts match.

However, if the design requires a lot of backstitch, or half cross stitch then evenweave will be easier and neater.

If the fabric is printed and there is only one type of kit, then the fabric type cannot be changed.

Why are the floss numbers not given on some types of kit?

Some suppliers have been the victims of piracy - someone uses one of their kits as a template to make and sell cheap copies. This is easier to do if the floss numbers are printed on the kit.

These suppliers have decided to 'encode' the floss numbers to make pirating their designs harder.

What if I run out of floss?

Please contact us with your purchase reference and we'll help you out.

If you purchased your kit somewhere else, then please contact them as they should be able to provide assistance.

What is the source of the kits you offer?

We buy our kits from UK distributors and the original manufacturers. For example, our Lanarte and Permin kits are supplied by Michael Whitaker Fabrics Limited, telephone: 01535-636903, email: sales [at] We buy other kits direct from the manufacturers, for example Rico Design, Derwentwater, Heritage, maia, Bothy and so on.

What Size will the Finished Kit be?

The size we give is taken from the kit's description and is approximate. If you plan to frame your work, you should add on at least the size of the mount/matte and the frame width to calculate the final size of the picture.

External height of finished picture = design height plus 2 times matte width plus 2 times frame width (and similar for finished width).

You can get an idea of what the finished item will look like by using our See it in Context button which is available for most items.

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