Are you an artist or designer?

If you are then we cordially invite you to exhibit your original work on this site free of charge. So don't delay - contact us now to find out more and exhibit your art today.

How to Submit Your Work

This guide tells you how to go about submitting and maintaining your work on the Arts and Designs website.

Please read it carefully before you start - it contains tips and hints on how to get the best out of your submissions.

First of all ...

Start by creating your own account using the 'Artist Log In' page. You will have to supply your name and a password - and you will need an invitation code obtained from us (to stop spammers). The name you supply is your working name - a nom de plume if you have one, e.g. el Greco (but don't use that one). This is the name that viewers will see and the name that you will use to access your account in future - make sure it's exactly right as you will not be able to change it. Your password should be at least 6 characters long. Make sure you remember it as you will need it again.

After you have entered your name and password, click the login button and you will see another page, entitled Confirm New Artist, which asks you to confirm your password and to supply your email address and other contact details. We need to store these details so that we can contact you - we don't share your details with anyone else. When you've entered the details, click the confirm button and you should get the Portfolio Maintenance page. You can then start uploading your work.

Logging In

If you have previously created an account and you want to update your portfolio then all you have to do is log in by entering your name and password, and you will see the portfolio maintenance page. Always remember to log out after you are finished.

Portfolio Maintenance

This page allows you to create, update, and delete items from your portfolio and to view statistics on viewings and sales.
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