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Erica Michaels specialises in texture and shading and uses overdyed threads and speciality threads in simple designs so that the effect is created by the threads. She also adds some other stitches to the cross stitch and backstitch such as var SiteURL = ''; var SiteURLS = ''; var CurrencySI = 0; var UKPHONENO = '0207-100-3509'; var USPHONENO = '360-382-2172'; var INTPHONENO = '(+)44-207-100-3509'; var CCs = [["USD","$","1"],["GBP","£","0.578630035527884"],["CAD","$","1.09553760516601"],["AUD","$","1.0921873372603"],["NZD","$","1.1817881982618"],["EUR","€","0.758468250569951"],["JPY","¥","104.575806320955"],["CHF","CHF","0.911232366249667"],["HKD","HK$","7.75103864091377"],["SGD","S$","1.27208341530592"]];
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