Charts, Designs and Leaflets

Shipping and Delivery

Charts, Designs and Leaflets are delivered by first class post but many charts can be downloaded directly to your own computer (see 'Downloading').

Delivery is free wherever you are. You will see the shipping amount on the cart shown as zero.

We despatch all orders as soon as we can, the same day if possible.


Some charts are downloadable to your own computer (those designed by Anne Peden). The shopping cart shows whether the item is downloadable - if you see the button 'Mail it to me' then the shopping cart is offering you the option of having your chart(s) mailed to you (the default is that you download the chart yourself). (Mailing takes longer but is free anyway).

You need Adobe acrobat reader to view a chart that you have downloaded from us. Your computer probably already has this installed but if not, you can install it from here.

Thread/Floss Types and Conversion

Our Charts, designs and leaflets come from a range of designers: American, European and Australasian. We try to provide conversion tables where necessary - for example, many USA sourced leaflets use DMC only so we supply a DMC/Anchor/Madeira conversion table with each leaflet.


Some items have several designs, each on its own separate page whilst others have a single design spread over several pages.


Some leaflets are in the form of booklets; some are loose sheets; some are spiral bound.
Arts and Designs
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