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Fabric Count Conversions

The count of a fabric is the number of holes per inch. The larger the count the finer the fabric.

To find the Evenweave count equivalent to an Aida count, double the count: for example, 14 count Aida is the same as 28 count Evenweave. This is because if you are working on Evenweave a full stitch is usually made over 2 holes rather than one in Aida.

Fabric Count Conversion Table

If you know the count per inch, per cm or per 10 cm, look up the equivalent in the table.
Count (per inch)Count (per cm)Count (per 10 cm)
103.9 or 439 or 40
155.9 or 659
187 or 7.171

Fabric Sizes

Fabric is supplied in several widths, depending on the manufacturer and type of fabric, the most common being 110 cm (43 inch) and 160 cm (63 inch).


Afghan (14 count Aida) fabric is supplied in multiples of a half panel with an extra half square all the way around the edge from which you make the fringe. The size depends on the fabric type.

Metric to Imperial Conversions

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