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Cross stitch, Needlecraft and Embroidery Glossary

A comprehensive illustrated needlecraft dictionary with clear definitions and working diagrams. Includes terms used in cross stitch, embroidery, tapestry, blackwork, and goldwork. (Click thumbnails to enlarge.)

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2-4-6-8 stitch


Abby Cloth
Abhla bharat
Accent stitch
Algerian eye stitch
Algerian Filling stitch
Algerian plaited stitch
Alisia's Lace stitch
Alternating buttonhole stitch
Alternating cross stitch
Alternating satin stitch
Alternating stem stitch
Alternating stitch
Anne Cloth
Antwerp edging stitch
Applying finished needlepoint to fabric
Arrow or arrowhead stitch
Arrowhead stitch
Assisi Work
Astrakhan stitch
Astypalea stitch
Ayrshire work


Baby Snuggle
Backstitch Trellis
Backstitched Chain stitch
Balcony Stitch
Balloon Satin stitch
Band Sampler
Bargello stitch
Barred Herringbone stitch
Barrier stitch
Basket Filling stitch
Basket Satin stitch
Basket stitch
Basketweave tent stitch
Basque knot
Basque stitch
Battlement couching
Bead work
Beaded Somersault stitch
Beading needle
Beetle stitch
Berlin woolwork
Bermuda faggoting
Bias strips or bias binding
Big Writing
Binding stitch
Blanket stitch
Blending filament
Blind knot
Blind stitch
Block shading
Bokhara couching
Bonnet stitch
Border Flower stitch
Border Satin Cross stitch
Bosnian stitch
Boucle stitch
Bouquet stitch variations
Braid Edging stitch
Braid stitch
Brick and cross filling
Brick couching
Brick stitch
Brighton stitch
Broad chain stitch
Broad cross stitch
Broad cross stitch worked in groups of four
Broad Rope stitch
Broad Stem stitch
Broderie Anglaise
Broken Chain stitch
Bullion Embroidery
Bullion Knot
Bullion knot roses
Bullion Picot
Bullion stitch
Burden stitch
Burden stitch couching
Butter Muslin
Buttonhole Bars
Buttonhole couching
Buttonhole filling stitch
Buttonhole insertion stitch
Buttonhole stitch
Buttonhole stitch with picot.
Buttonhole wheel
Byzantine Boxes
Byzantine stitch


Cable chain stitch
Cable stitch
Calyx-eyed needles
Canvas Stem stitch
Captive Rice stitch
Cashmere stitch
Catherine Wheel
Celestial Eyelet large
Celestial Eyelet small
Ceylon stitch
Chain stitch
Chained Cross stitch
Chained feather stitch
Check purl
Chenille needle
Chequer stitch
Chequered Chain stitch
Chessboard filling stitch
Chessboard stitch
Chevron Filling stitch
Chevron stitch
Chinese knot
Chinese stitch
Chive stitch
Closed buttonhole stitch
Closed chevron stitch
Closed feather stitch
Closed herringbone stitch
Closed square chain stitch
Cloud Filling
Cobbler filling stitch
Coil Filling Stitch
Colcha couching
Colonial knot
Colour wheel
Compact filling stitch
Composite stitch
Congress Cloth
Continental tent stitch
Continuous Cashmere stitch
Coral stitch
Cord stitch
Coton Ă  Broder
Cotton Count
Cotton Perle
Couché Rentré
Couching cords
Couching in a circle
Couching to fill a shape
Counted thread
Crested Chain Stitch
Cretan stitch
Crewel Embroidery
Crewel wool
Criss Cross stitch
Cross and twist stitch
Cross stitch
Cross stitch and Smyrna stitch
Cross stitch charts
Cross stitch plus two
Crossed back stitch
Crossed buttonhole stitch
Crossed Corners stitch
Crossed corners upright cross stitch
Crossed Diamond Stitch
Crossed Gobelin stitch
Crow's Foot stitch
Crown stitch
Cup stitch
Cushion stitch
Cut work


Daisy stitch
Damask Darning
Darning on net
Darning Stitch
Detached Buttonhole stitch
Detached chain filling stitch
Detached Chain stitch
Detached twisted Chain stitch
Diagonal Connected Eyelets
Diagonal cross stitch
Diagonal fishbone stitch
Diagonal Florence stitch
Diagonal raised band
Diagonal stitch
Diagonal Tent stitch
Diagonal Woven band
Diamond Eyelet stitch
Diamond Hemstitch
Diamond Lattice stitch
Diamond Leaf stitch
Diamond Stitch
Diamond Straight stitch
Dot stitch
Double backstitch
Double brick stitch
Double Buttonhole stitch
Double canvas
Double chain stitch
Double Chevron stitch
Double Cross
Double cross stitch
Double faggot stitch
Double feather stitch
Double hem stitch
Double Herringbone stitch
Double knot stitch
Double Leviathan stitch
Double running embroidery
Double running stitch
Double stitch
Double Straight Cross stitch
Double threaded backstitch
Dove's Eye Filling Stitch
Drawn fabric work
Drawn faggot stitch
Drawn thread work
Dutch Stitch


Eastern stitch
Eggs in a Basket
Embroidery stitch
Embroidery/crewel needle
Encroaching Oblique stitch
Encroaching Satin stitch
English stitch
Ermine stitch
Evenweave Fabric
Eye stitch
Eyelet hole


Fabric Count
Faggoting stitch
Fan stitch
Fan stitch with Double Cross Stitch
Fancy brick stitch
Feather stitch
Feather work
Feathered eyelet star stitch
Fence stitch
Fern Stitch
Festoon stitch
Fir stitch
Fishbone Stitch
Flame stitch
Flat square stitch
Flat stitch
Floral stitch
Florentine stitch
Flower stitch
Flower thread
Flower trellis stitch
Fly stitch
Fly stitch rose
Foliage stitch
Forbidden knot
Forbidden stitch
Four legged knot stitch
Four sided Filling Stitch
Four sided stitch
Framed Cross stitch
Free standing stump work using wire
Freehand embroidery
French knot
French knots on stalks
French Stitch


Gate stitch
German buttonhole stitch
German Interlacing stitch
Gobelin encroaching stitch
Gobelin filling stitch
Gobelin plaited stitch
Gold work
Gordian knot stitch
Greek cross stitch
Greek stitch
Guilloche Stitch


Half chevron stitch
Half cross stitch
Half eye stitch
Half hatbox eyelet
Half Portuguese Stem Stitch
Half Rhodes stitch
Half Stitch
Heavy chain stitch
Hem Stitch
Herringbone filling stitch
Herringbone ladder stitch
Herringbone stitch
Holbein embroidery
Holbein stitch
Hollie-Point stitch
Holy Point stitch
Honeycomb filling stitch
Honeycomb filling stitch over laid threads
Horizontal fishbone stitch
Hound's Tooth stitch
Huckaback Darning
Hungarian braided chain stitch
Hungarian stitch
Hungarian stitch variation.


Indian Drawn Ground stitch
Insertion stitches
Interlaced Band
Interlaced cable chain stitch
Interlaced herringbone stitch
Interlaced stitch
Interlacing insertion stitch
Interlocked upright and diagonal cross stitch
Interlocking Diamond stitch
Interlocking Gobelin stitch
Invented Stitch
Invisible stitch
Irish stitch
Irregular Algerian Eye Star
Italian Buttonhole Insertion stitch
Italian cross stitch
Italian hem stitch
Italian knots
Italian Quilting
Italian Shading


Jacobean Couching
Jacquard stitch
Jacquard stitch variation
Japanese Darning Stitch
Japanese Gold
Japanese stitch


Kelim Stitch
Kerman stitch
Kite eyelet
Kloster block
Knit stitch
Knitted stitch
Knitting stitch
Knot stitch
Knotted buttonhole stitch
Knotted chain stitch
Knotted insertion stitch
Knotted loop stitch
Knotted Pearl stitch
Knotted satin stitch
Knotted stitch
Kreinik Braid


Lace stitch
Laced backstitch
Laced herringbone filling stitch
Laced Herringbone stitch
Laced Persian star filling stitch
Laced star filling stitch
Ladder hem stitch
Ladder stitch
Laid work
Laid work diagonally
Laid Work with crossbars
Lame thread
Large and straight cross stitch
Lazy Daisy and double cross stitch
Lazy Daisy stitch
Leaf stitch
Leviathan stitch
Linen stitch
Link filling stitch
Link powdering
Link stitch
Linked stitch
Lock Stitch
Long and short oblique stitch
Long and short stitch
Long armed cross stitch
Long armed feather stitch
Long armed Leviathan stitch
Long legged cross stitch
Long stitch
Long stitch eyelet star
Long stitch variation
Long tack knot stitch
Long tailed French knots
Long tailed lazy daisy stitch
Loop or pinned Picot
Loop stitch
Looped stem stitch
Lopsided Herringbone stitch
Lozenge satin stitch
Lurex threads


Macedonian stitch
Magic Chain stitch
Maltese Cross
Milanese stitch
Mille Fleur Pattern Couching
Mirrored Herringbone stitch
Modified Leviathan stitch
Mono canvas
Mono interlock canvas
Montenegrin Cross stitch
Moorish stitch
Mosaic filling stitch
Mosaic stitch
Mosaic stitch with Tent stitch
Mosaic variation
Moss stitch
Multiple cross stitch
Multiple rice stitch


Narrow Rope stitch
Needle made lace
Net filling stitch
New England couching
Norwich stitch
Nué Couching
Nun's work


Oblique gobelin stitch
Oblique Slav stitch
Oblong cross stitch
Oblong cross stitch with backstitch
Octagonal Rhodes stitch
Old English knot stitch
Old Florentine stitch
Open chain stitch
Open fillings
Open fishbone stitch
Opus Plumarium
Or Nué
Oriental Stitch
Outline stitch
Outlined Double cross stitch
Overcast stitch


Padded Appliqué
Padded Cross stitch
Padded Satin stitch
Padding with felt
Padding with muslin on the reverse
Padding with string
Palestrina Knot Stitch
Parisian stitch
Pattern Darning
Pearl purl
Pearl stitch
Pekin knot
Pekinese stitch
Penelope canvas
Perforated paper
Persian stitch
Persian wool
Perspective stitch
Picot stitches
Pillow stitch
Pin stitch
Pin-Wheel stitch
Pineapple stitch
Plait stitch
Plaited Algerian stitch
Plaited Double Cross
Plaited edge stitch
Plaited Gobelin stitch
Plaited insertion stitch
Plaited Rhodes stitch
Plaited Slav stitch
Plastic canvas
Plate stitch
Plumage stitch
Plush stitch
Point de Paris
Point lace
Point Turc
Portuguese Border stitch
Portuguese knotted stem stitch
Prick and Pounce
Pueblo stitch or Pueblo backstitch
Puffy couching
Pulled thread embroidery
Punch stitch


Quaker Cloth
Quarter cross stitch
Queen stitch
Quick stitch
Quill stitch
Quodlibet stitch


Radiating stitch
Railway stitch
Raised bars
Raised Buttonhole Band
Raised Buttonhole on a raised band
Raised Buttonhole Stitch
Raised chain band
Raised close herringbone stitch
Raised Cup Stitch
Raised Gold over String
Raised Herringbone stitch
Raised Honeycomb
Raised Needleweaving
Raised needleweaving over bars
Raised Rope stitch
Raised Seeding
Raised Spider`s Web
Raised spot stitch
Raised stem chevron pattern
Raised stem stitch
Raised Stem stitch band
Raised stitch
Rapid stitch
Ray filling stitch
Reed stitch
Renaissance stitch
Rep stitch
Reverse chain stitch
Reverse faggot stitch
Reversed cross stitch
Reversed eyelet stitch
Rhodes Stitch
Ribbon embroidery
Ribbon Rose
Ribbon stitch
Rice Grain
Rice stitch
Richelieu work
Ridge stitch
Ring or buttonhole ring Picot
Ringed backstitch
Ripple stitch
Rococo stitch
Roman couching
Roman filling
Roman stitch
Rope stitch
Rose Leaf Stitch
Rosette chain stitch
Rough Purl
Roumanian couching
Roumanian embroidery
Roumanian stitch
Rug stitch
Running stitch
Russian chain stitch
Russian filling stitch
Rya stitch


Satin stitch
Satin stitch boxes
Satin stitch flower
Satin stitch flower with double cross stitch
Satin stitch tied with backstitch
Scallop stitch
Scalloped buttonhole edge stitch
Scottish stitch
Scroll stitch
Seed stitch
Seven stitch
Shaded laid work
Shading stitch
Shadow Appliqué
Shadow embroidery
Shadow stitch
Sharps needle
Sheaf filling stitch
Sheaf stitch
Shell stitch
Shisha work
Silk Gauze
Simple hem stitch
Simple knot stitch
Simplified rice stitch
Singhalese chain stitch
Single canvas
Single Faggot stitch
Single feather stitch
Single knotted stitch
Skip tent stitch
Slanting gobelin stitch
Slanting Satin stitch
Small scale cross stitch
Smooth purl
Smyrna cross stitch
Smyrna stitch
Snail Trail
Snake stitch
Soft Embroidery cotton
Soie D'Algers
Somersault stitch
Sorbello stitch
Sorbello stitch variations
Soufflé Stitch
Soumak Stitch
Spaced buttonhole stitch
Spaced cretan stitch
Spaced Satin stitch
Spanish knotted feather stitch
Spider's web stitch
Split stitch
Sprat's Head
Spring stitch
Square Herringbone stitch
Square Mosaic Stitch
Square Satin stitch
Squared Filling
St George and St Andrew
Staggered cross stitch
Staggered grid pattern
Star eyelet stitch
Star filling stitch
Star on squared background stitch
Star rosette stitch
Star stitch
Stem stitch
Stem stitch changing to satin
Stem stitch with buttonhole
Step stitch
Stepped Couching
Stitching paper
Straight Cashmere stitch
Straight feather stitch
Straight filling stitch
Straight gobelin stitch
Straight Milanese stitch
Straight stitch
Stranded cotton
Stump work
Surface long and short stitch
Surface satin stitch
Surrey stitch
Sutherland stitch
Swedish Weaving
Swiss embroidery


Tailor's buttonhole stitch
Tall cross stitch
Tapestry shading stitch
Tapestry Wool
Tapestry/Cross Stitch Needle
Tassel stitch
TĂȘte de Boeuf
Template Method
Tent stitch
Thorn Stitch
Thorn stitch couching
Thread Weight
Threaded backstitch
Threaded herringbone stitch
Three quarter cross stitch
Three sided stitch
Tied coral stitch
Tied hemstitch
Tied Herringbone stitch
Trailing stitch
Trellis couching
Trellis Stitch
Trellis Stitch (free)
Triangle stitch
Triple backstitch
Triple Cross stitch
Triple Leviathan stitch
Triple rice stitch
Troupe stitch
Tuille embroidery
Turkey work
Turkish couching
Turkish stitch
Turkmen stitch
Tweed stitch
Twill stitch
Twisted chain stitch
Twisted daisy border stitch
Twisted fly stitch
Twisted insertion stitch
Twisted lattice stitch
Twisted zigzag chain stitch
Two sided cross stitch
Two sided insertion stitch


Underlined stitch
Underside couching
Up and down buttonhole stitch
Up Down Ray stitch
Upright cross stitch
Upright cross stitch gone wrong
Upright gobelin stitch
Upright rice stitch


Vandyke stitch
Vault stitch
Vee stitch
Velvet stitch
Venetian or buttonhole picot
Vertical cross stitch


Waffle stitch
Waste canvas
Wave stitch
Wave stitch filling
Weaving stitch
Web stitch
Web variation
Wheat Sheaf stitch
Wheat stitch
Wheat stitch Counted
Wheatear Stitch
Whipped backstitch
Whipped Chain stitch
Whipped chevron stitch
Whipped satin stitch
Whipped stem stitch
Wickerwork Stitch
Wide gobelin stitch
Windmill stitch
Woven Bars
Woven Bars with Picot
Woven Picot


Yugoslavian border stitch


Zigzag Backstitch
Zigzag cable chain stitch
Zigzag Coral stitch
Zigzag hem stitch
Zigzag Holbein stitch
Zigzag Palestrina knot
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