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  1. How well I know what I mean to do
  2. Sing a song of seasons!
  3. No spring nor summer beauty
  4. Thought Makes Man Wise
  5. Six Impossible Things before Breakfast
  6. When May was young; ah, pleasant May!
  7. April golden, April cloudy
  8. Have some wine
  9. By Which You May Know
  10. May each day bring thee something fair
Earlier Stitchcraft News

How well I know what I mean to do

A fiery Welcome to our November newsletter!

This month we're catching up on releases from Lanarte, Nora Corbett and Cottage Garden Samplings. Bothy Threads have an affectionate tribute to our late, dearly-loved Queen Elizabeth.


Lanarte have added a new design in the culture collection of an Indian lady in traditional dress with sumptuous fabric decorated with beads and sequins.

Stained Glass Slipper - cross stitch kit by Bothy Threads

Bothy Threads Autumn Catalogue is now out and we have some of the new designs in stock. There's an affectionate tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II, two more colourful shoes by Sally King. There are more Wrendale designs, Morris style tapestry cushions and cross stitch and a new range of Christmas cards. The catalogue has 42 new kits altogether and you can see all of them in our online catalogue of the Bothy Threads Autumn 2022 Collection. If there's something you see that's not in stock then we'll be happy to order it for you - Bothy are just down the road and we can stock up quickly.


Nora Corbett has added another two fairies to her Rose Couture Collection. Gigantic French Rose and Malmedy Rose have a lot of materials in common. Malmedy Rose uses nearly the same beads as Gigantic French Rose - just one extra clamshell is needed - so you might consider buying just one embellishment pack to do both patterns.

There's also a new design called Conservatory from Nora's Winter Greenhouses series.

The twelfth and final pattern from the Year in the Woods series by Cottage Garden Samplings is The Reindeer.

Bargain Basement

There are cartoon animals in the Bargain Basement for the month of November.

And Finally

November 5th is bonfire night here in the UK when we celebrate a failed plot in 1605 to blow up Parliament and the King.

Our title is inspired by fire it's been at the heart of our civilisation since humans came into being. It stands for warmth, security and comfort - especially on cold winter nights.

«How well I know what I mean to do
When the long dark autumn-evenings come:
And where, my soul, is thy pleasant hue?
With the music of all thy voices, dumb
In life's November too!

from By The Fire-Side by Robert Browning, English poet 1812-1889

As a stitcher you will be looking forward to quiet evening hours by the fireside and - like the poet - you know exactly what to do!

Until next month, enjoy your stitching and your home fire if you're lucky enough to have one.
by Arts and Designs on Sat, 05 Nov 2022, 19:12
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Sing a song of seasons!

A hearty welcome to our October newsletter.

This month we're featuring new designs by Jan Hicks and by Mirabilia (no surprise there!), new kits from Jim Shore, Bothy Threads and Permin. And new printed linen fabrics for interesting backgrounds.


Jan Hicks Creates designs are new (to us) and we have selected some stylish patterns from her range.

We have the lovely new Lavender Mist by Mirabilia in stock. Although magnifica beads are still not generally available there is one in the bead pack for this design. So hopefully this is a sign that things are getting back to normal!


And talking of beads, we have five droll Christmas Gnomes by Jim Shore of Mill Hill worked on perforated paper with lots of beads. They're new for 2022 and you can make them up as a picture or as a hanging (backing not supplied). Good fun and quick to make!

Partridge, embroidery by Bothy Threads
Bothy Threads have a new embroidery collection of nine colourful designs. Each comes with printed fabric and a calico backing and detailed instructions on completing with threads, metallic floss and embellishments.

Permin have released their fourth 2022 collection with nursery designs, cushions, table covers and bookmarks. There are also several cow designs with appalling 'Moo' puns. It's one way to stop them hogging your bathroom. You can see and download this catalogue from our catalogues page.


We've expanded our popular Fabric Flair linen range with Coffee Stain, Silver Ash, Orchid and Honeycomb, a tiny overall hexagonal pattern.

Bargain Basement

We have Helz Cuppleditch co-ordinating Christmas card papercraft in our Bargain Basement for the month of October. Well in time to make your own personal Christmas cards.

And Finally ...

Our title is taken from the poem Autumn Fires by Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish Writer and Poet (1850-1894)

Sing a song of seasons!
Something bright in all!
Flowers in the summer,
Fires in the fall!"

The poem is a celebration of what's good in every season, not just summer and we might take it as a metaphor for how to live : celebrate what is rather than dwelling on what has been or what might come.

Until next time, we wish you and your stitching a mellow and productive October.

by Arts and Designs on Sun, 02 Oct 2022, 15:12
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No spring nor summer beauty

A very warm welcome to our September 2022 newsletter.

This month we have new patterns from Cottage Garden, Les Petite Croix de Lucie, Nora Corbett and new kits from maia, Luca-S and Satsuma Street

Bothy Threads also have a large new collection so let's get going!


For those who are following the Year in the Woods series by Cottage Garden number nine is a woodpecker.

We finally have the last of Les Petite Croix de Lucie's Zodiacal Princesses. Pisces is the motif this time.

Nora Corbett has produced another two designs in the Fluttering Fashion series and another Winter Greenhouse.

Golden Grove, cross stitch kit by Riolis
There are two new Maia kits from the artwork of the late Terry Harrison. Both are of small coastal towns. Maia are high quality art kits that don't disappoint.

We have some newly released kits from Luca-S birds, country and Christmas scenes and a playful kitten. The kits are colourful and well designed and the birds have been very popular.

Bothy Threads have released their latest collection with more Wrendale, cushions, stylised shoes, Christmas and lots more. See the catalogue and the kits we have picked initially.

In mid-September Bothy will be releasing a collection of embroidery kits - colour printed designs which use a variety of creative stitches. We think they will be a kind of surface embroidery but we'll get the details nearer the time.

Following a customer request, we ordered some Satsuma Street perforated paper kits. In Jody Rice's colourful style there a set of four for Christmas and another set of four for Halloween.

Magnifica and Kreinik

The manufacture of Magnifica beads hasn't resumed so many of the bead packs for Mirabilia, Nora Corbett and Bella Filipina are not available.

Deliveries of Kreinik #4 braid are still erratic - sometimes we get some, sometimes none!

Postal Strikes
As our British readers will know, our postal service is having a few strikes over the next couple of weeks.

We don't have to tell you that this means disruption to the postal service and packages will be delayed, hopefully not by more than a few days.

European Union
We are still having problems with delivery in some EU countries mainly those in the west of the bloc. It looks like new and arbitrary rules are being applied by some Customs agencies to imports from the United Kingdom. This has meant delay and disappointment to a few of our customers so we're reviewing the situation.

Bargain Basement
There are Anchor and Royal Paris kits in our Bargain Basement for the month of September.

And Finally ...

Our title is from an elegy by John Donne, whose work was ignored for several centuries before making a recent comeback.

"No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face." - Elegy IX: The Autumnal by John Donne, English write and cleric, 1572-1631

Autumn is a time to look forward. In Donne's time winter was a much more daunting prospect than it is now (although with energy bills skyrocketing the daunt is definitely increasing!). His religion was banned in protestant England at that time so he had much to fear. Despite this he wrote much beautiful poetry.

We have been lucky that we don't have to face the privations that our ancestors had to cope with. So let's count our blessings and make the most of our stitching time!
by Arts and Designs on Fri, 26 Aug 2022, 19:01
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Thought Makes Man Wise

Greetings and a sunny welcome to our August newsletter!

In this issue we have new patterns from Nora Corbett and Mirabilia, Blackbird Designs and Bella Filipina. There are new kits from Heritage and Riolis, and charms by Birdhouse Enterprise. So let's get going ...


The popular Deck the Halls by Blackbird Designs has been reprinted. It contains six strawberry patterns for Christmas and has many other ideas for decorations.

Two of the latest Nora Corbett designs are from the Rose Couture Collection and the other two are more unusual. Floral Dream and Moon Glow have (tasteful) naked ladies in outline with colourful blankets.

Tea, two ladies at a garden party by Mirabilia is now in stock (unfortunately sold out at the time of writing!) The previous design Rosamund is back in stock but since magnifica glass beads are still unavailable we can't get hold of the bead packs! Why not think of a substitute and make a personalised piece.

Aquila, Queen of the Skies is the latest design by Bella Filipina. We are also awaiting beads to make up the bead packs for those.

Ladies Who Lunch, Cross Stitch Kit by John Clayton/Heritage
Tea in the garden seems popular at the moment. Heritage have a new John Clayton design called Ladies who Lunch of Edwardian ladies on the lawn. They have also released two new Golden Years designs of Norman and Betty exercising.

A new cross stitch kit the Garden at Giverny by Riolis is a reproduction of one of Monet's many paintings of his garden at Giverny. As with all Riolis kits, it's good value for money and a must for fans of French Impressionism.


We have a few stitching related Birdhouse Enterprise charms to get your creative juices flowing.


With only some of July remaining we have Summer Flowers in the Bargain Basement which will continue for the whole of August. Why not have a browse and find something you like for a perfect summer project.

And Finally

As we're on the subject of Tea, our title today comes from the Teahouse of the August Moon, originally a novel by Vernon J Schneider (US writer, 1916-1981) which was made into a play and a movie.

The play version opens with a snippet of oriental wisdom: «Pain makes man think. Thought makes man wise. Wisdom makes life endurable.» In the modern age we certainly don't think nearly enough and so we put our trust in others to do it for us.

We didn't issue a July newsletter as we were on holiday in the deep south of England where the sun shines a lot more than it does at home. We had plenty of time to think but I'm not sure if we became wiser as a consequence!

May we wish you a happy and thoughtful summer with lots of stitching time and good company.
by Arts and Designs on Fri, 29 Jul 2022, 18:34
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Six Impossible Things before Breakfast

Greetings, and welcome to our slightly delayed June Newsletter. We have been on holiday for a few days as our postal services have stopped for the Queen's Jubilee celebrations so this newsletter is going out one day later than usual. It's a good excuse anyway!

In this month's issue we're looking at new patterns from Bella Filipina and Mirabilia, new fabrics from Fabric Flair, new kits from Lanarte, Dimensions, Permin and (in a week or two) Bothy Threads.

But first, the lovely Rosamund by Mirabilia arrived and sold out in less than a day. More arrived, promptly sold out and we're awaiting our third batch which we expect next week.

There's currently a problem with the manufacture of Mill Hill Magnifica glass beads. At the moment we can't get hold of any but hopefully this a temporary situation. Unfortunately Rosamund uses three Magnifica beads and so the Rosamund embellishment packs are currently unavailable. We know that several customers have been waiting for them.

Nereid Galatina, cross stitch pattern by Bella Filipina
We also happy to have the most recent Bella Filipina designs in stock now. We are continuing to collect beads and treasures to make embellishment packs for all the charts.

New Fabrics

By way of fabrics, we now have a small selection of printed fabrics by Fabric Flair some on 28 count and 32 count linen and some on 28 count and 32 count cotton evenweave. These fabrics are designed for cross stitching backgrounds and are especially suited to Bella Filipina and Nora Corbett mermaid designs. Of course, they're good for any pattern that requires a printed background to help you produce a unique result.

Kits and Collections

Lanarte have released their fourth 2022 collection and you can see them in our online catalogue section. Some are re-released designs and there are also attractive new works by Marjolein Bastin.

Dimensions also have a new collection and we have picked a selection of them.

True to the saying that Christmas gets earlier every year, Permin have released their Christmas Collection. It might be a good time to take on a large project like a tree skirt or advent calendar so as to get it ready in time.

Bothy Threads have a new collection coming out on the 14th June to look out for. Watch this space!


The Bargain Basement for the month of June features a gardens theme and as usual everything is at half the previous low price.

And Finally

We in the UK are celebrating 70 years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. She has been a shining example of dignity and diplomacy to everyone here and overseas and we wish her well for the remainder of her reign.

Our title this month is from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865) by Lewis Carroll, English writer, deacon and mathematician, 1832-1898:

«Alice laughed. "There's no use trying," she said: "one can't believe impossible things."
"I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

The previous longest reigning monarch was Victoria who lasted 63 years and 7 months and died in 1901. Queen Victoria enjoyed Alice's Adventures in Wonderland so much that she requested a first edition of Carroll's next book. Carroll duly sent her a copy of the next book he published a mathematical work entitled An Elementary Treatise on Determinants.

So until next month's newsletter (which may be even later than this one!), have a great June and be careful what you ask for.
by Arts and Designs on Sat, 04 Jun 2022, 19:08
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When May was young; ah, pleasant May!

Hello and a warm welcome to the May '22 newsletter!

In this month's issue there are new kits from Permin, Anchor and Heritage Crafts, and various creatures from Nora Corbett and Cottage Garden Samplings.

We also have some news for our long-neglected EU customers and there's hardanger in the Bargain Basement.


Permin have released a second collection for 2022 with cushions, hardanger, landscapes and cute ostrich and giraffe. We have chosen two winter scenes, a bee cushion and the ostrich so far. Let us know if you are interested in any of the new kits.

Goldfinches, cross stitch kit by Anchor
Anchor have a new collection the Birds by Ashley Hutchinson. The designs are elegant and stylish and there are three so far: Nuthatch, Goldfinches (illustrated) and Blue Tits. All of them have a lot of backstitch detail superimposed on the cross stitch.

Heritage Crafts have new designs and we have chosen Hedgehogs in Spring by Nigel Artingstall and the Pessimist by the wonderful Peter Underhill. Their other new designs for 2022 can be seen in their online catalogue.


Nora Corbett's June Bug and Luna Moth have alighted.

The latest design in the Year in the Woods series, the Ferret by Cottage Garden has also arrived.


There's hardanger in the Bargain Basement this month and as usual it's at half the previous low price. Hardanger is hard so why not try it out while it's at a bargain price!

European Union

We have had a lot of trouble recently with deliveries to the EU and so we decided to suspend them a while ago. The postal services were quick to introduce hefty 'handling charges' which means you have to pay a substantial fee just to get your item through Customs one word might be 'extortion'. We do plan to reintroduce deliveries but we have to have a new condition: if you refuse an item at Customs because you don't want to pay the handling fee, then we will deduct the postage cost from the original payment before refunding. This applies to all items including those with free postage. We think this is fair but what do you think?

And Finally

This month's title is from May by Christina Rosetti (who we meet often in these pages!) a 19th Century English poet.

«I cannot tell you how it was,
But this I know: it came to pass
Upon a bright and sunny day
When May was young; ah, pleasant May!
As yet the poppies were not born
Between the blades of tender corn;
The last egg had not hatched as yet,
Nor any bird foregone its mate.

I cannot tell you what it was,
But this I know: it did but pass.
It passed away with sunny May,
Like all sweet things it passed away,
And left me old, and cold, and gray.

May '22. We have decided that as the century is 22 years old, we can now miss out the leading digits of the year! If you were around at the turn of the century, you might remember the apocalyptic predictions of things like the millennium bug and how they turned out to be the dampest of squibs.

We hope that the many other dire predictions of our present times will turn out the same way and we hope your May '22 is warm, sunny and long-lasting.
by Arts and Designs on Fri, 29 Apr 2022, 20:03
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April golden, April cloudy

A warm welcome to our April 2022 newsletter!

The Nashville show earlier in the year produced a rash of new patterns which are now filtering down to US suppliers and thence to us here in the unfashionable western spiral arm of the galaxy. Anne has been busy adding them to our listings and we hope you approve.

On the kits front, there are new offerings from Glorafilia, Riolis and Anchor.

We're also adding new fabric ranges for the serious stitcher.

If you like to browse through all the latest items we have added then they're always on display here.

3D Acorn Mouse, cross stitch pattern by Cotton Pixels
We've added some novel patterns from a designer new to us, Cotton Pixels. There are 3D animals and birds, a halloween sampler and a floral whale, which is not something you see every day. The Acorn Mouse is illustrated.

Our Mirabilia Designs supplier is currently taking a month to deliver orders so we've just got the latest chart of Blossom, a lady bursting with colour and energy in the best traditions of Nora Corbett.

The latest two Bella Filipina designs are now in stock Goddess Aphrodite and Mermaid Treasures: Amethyst.


Glorafilia have a new set of tapestry designs which are a little bit different. There are four themes flowers, fruits, birds and wild animals. Each theme is available in two variants: a set of four pictures or a cushion front (with extra wools). The canvas is printed with a black outline and there's enough Anchor tapestry wool to finish in tent stitch or be creative with textured stitches. We have chosen the Beautiful Birds and Majestic Animals themes to start with but please let us know if you like the other designs.

Riolis has brought out a new catalogue for 2022 and we have updated our online catalogue to include the latest designs.

Anchor, which includes Maia and Royal Paris, also have introduced new ranges and we've also updated those.

Please visit our catalogues section to view these updated catalogues!


We have introduced some new linen fabric by Ubelhor, an Austrian company. It's available in natural in 36 and 40 count and packed in fat quarters. The fabric is similar to Permin's but more flexible.

EU Customers

We're still not sending to most EU countries - please accept our apologies for that. We're trying to get to grips with the problems caused by recent Customs regulation changes which cause delays - and worse - in some EU countries. We continue to hope that things will settle down and normal service will be resumed.


There are Janlyn kits in the Bargain Basement this month as usual at half previous low price.

And Finally ...

Our title is from Always Marry An April Girl by Ogden Nash, American Poet (1902-1971).

«Praise the spells and bless the charms,
I found April in my arms.
April golden, April cloudy,
Gracious, cruel, tender, rowdy;
April soft in flowered languor,
April cold with sudden anger,
Ever changing, ever true -
I love April, I love you.

Here's a fun fact: Nashville was named after a many greats uncle of Ogden Nash, Francis Nash, who fought in the Revolutionary War.

With that dinner table gem we bid you farewell and wish you a peaceful and productive April.
by Arts and Designs on Fri, 01 Apr 2022, 18:25
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Have some wine

Greetings and welcome to our sane (but only just) March newsletter.

This month there's new kits from Bothy and Heritage and patterns from Nora Corbett.

Mad Tea Party, cross stitch pattern by Heaven and Earth Designs (HAESG008)

Bothy Threads Winter 2022 collection is now available. We have chosen a few items from the catalogue and if you are interested in any others please check out their catalogue.

Heritage Crafts have two new sweet designs in their Golden Years Collection. These designs are all only on 14 count Aida.

They have also brought back some lovely flower vase kits and Queen Elizabeth II (the person not the boat). You can see their latest designs in their 2022 catalogue.


Nora Corbett has a new Rose Couture Collection of little fairies with large roses and a Winter Greenhouse called Crystal Trellis.

Floss Storage

We have a new stranded cottons storage system. It holds up to one hundred skeins in a compact space. It's made of lightweight plastic so will need careful handling.

Stitching Retreat

Julie is attending a stitching retreat this weekend and is presenting a popup shop there so some of our products including DMC threads - are not on the website at the moment. They'll be back on Monday.


There are some signs that the supply of Kreinik floss is picking up. Our latest delivery had more than one of what we ordered! We hope the trend continues.

EU/Brexit Problems

Many EU countries are still presenting problems for little shopkeepers like us in Britain trying to get your orders to you. We have started trial despatches to some EU countries and the results are encouraging so far. We can only hope that things will continue to improve.

Bargain Basement

Because it's Spring here in the North, there are Spring flowers in the Bargain Basement for the month of March. If you're in the southern Autumn at the moment, maybe they'll brighten your day a little!

And Finally

Our title this month comes from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Chapter VII: A Mad Tea-Party) by Lewis Carroll.

"Have some wine," the March Hare said in an encouraging tone.
Alice looked all round the table, but there was nothing on it but tea. "I don't see any wine," she remarked. "There isn't any", said the March Hare

Well, March has now firmly established itself as the month for madness. And just when we thought the world was showing signs of returning to sanity, too. We offer our sympathies and best wishes to the people of Ukraine who deserve better than this.

We hope your world returns to the old normal soon and that we don't have to endure too much more madness.

May your own March be tranquil and nonsense-free.

by Arts and Designs on Fri, 04 Mar 2022, 20:06
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By Which You May Know

Hello again and welcome, dear reader, to February's newsletter.

Supply shortages and problems with international trade (see later) have slowed everything down so the pickings are quite slim this month!

We do have some new kits from old favourites Permin and Glorafilia and new patterns form the ever-popular Mirabilia and Bella Filipina so please read on.


The first new collection of the year is from Danish stalwarts Permin with flowers, hardanger, embroidery and new basket projects for the nursery.

Glorafilia have re-released three older designs Medieval Rabbit and Medieval Dog and William Morris style cushion. There's also a new wall hanging of the Lady with Unicorn - which is also available as a cross stitch by Thea Gouverneur.

There will be a new Bothy Threads collection in February - with a few surprise items we don't know what that means but it's piqued our interest!

The Snow Maiden, cross stitch pattern by Mirabilia
A little late we have the latest design by Mirabilia. The Snow Maiden (illustrated) is based on a Russian fairy tale. The 32 count linen used in the design - Rain Country - has been re-released by Permin and we expect to be available some time this month.

Lakapati, a goddess of fertility is the latest design by Bella Filipina.

Bargains for February

There are delightful kits and patterns in cross stitch and crotchet featuring children in the Bargain Basement for the month of February - and as usual half previous low prices.

Customs Problems

Our shippers have been having delivery problems to some EU countries, especially Ireland, and some items have been returned to us. We have been told that Irish Customs started using a new electronic system in which many items - like foodstuffs - were classified as 'dangerous goods'! Many items sent to Ireland have been sent back and we fear that needlecraft items may also have been thought by these Customs people to have deadly intent ;-)

We have temporarily suspended sales to the EU until the scale of the problem is known and the faulty systems are repaired.

We're sorry for any disappointment and we hope that things return to normal in every way soon.

And finally

Our theme this month is danger and our title is from The Hunting of the Snark, Fit the Second, a nonsense poem in eight 'fits' by Lewis Carol, English writer, 1832-1898
We have sailed many weeks, we have sailed many days,
(Seven days to the week I allow),
But a Snark, on the which we might lovingly gaze,
We have never beheld till now!

Come, listen, my men, while I tell you again
The five unmistakable marks
By which you may know, wheresoever you go,
The warranted genuine Snarks.

This entertaining poem is certainly worth reading in full and has much more of a resonance with our times than you might expect!

We hope you continue to enjoy your stitching (and poetry reading) and we continue to hope that we are all able to return to a free, sane and stable world soon.
by Arts and Designs on Fri, 04 Feb 2022, 19:25
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May each day bring thee something fair

A Happy New Year to you and yours and welcome to the January 2022 newsletter!

This month's letter is short as we've shut down for an extended break over the holiday season following a family bereavement just before Christmas and we're resuming only now. There's a lot of catching up to do!

New Patterns
Hummingbird Pixie by Bella Filipina
We now have the latest design by Bella Filipina - the rainbow coloured Hummingbird Pixie (illustrated). She's a bit late in arriving but we also now have the October and November designs Arya, Elemental Queen of Air and Crystal Mermaid Aquabella.

New Kits

There are three new Golden Years designs from Heritage Crafts this month and Puffin Shore in the By the Sea Collection by Karen Carter.

New Fabrics

Permin have introduced yet more new fabric colours and we have ordered those in 28 count and 32 count fat quarters. They are also available in 46 x 46 cm pieces and in 14 count and 16 count Aida. Pink Sand is a re-released colour which we also have in 28 count and 32 count fat quarters.

Price Increases

The new year has unfortunately seen lots of wholesale price increases - from Permin, Bothy Threads, Nora Corbett and Mirabilia so far. Royal Mail have also increased their prices which all add to the general dismay. Unfortunately there will be more due partly to rising fuel costs, supply chain problems and other consequences of unhelpful government interventions round the world. As always we'll try to provide the keenest prices.

Bargain Basement

There are cushion fronts in the Bargain Basement this month and at half previous low price as usual. Every cushion deserves a front so pick up a bargain soon.

And Finally

This month's title is from a A New Year's Wish by the somewhat mysterious Helen Van Anderson-Gordon, a US author born in 1859. She wrote several books with a Christian ethos. Other than that there seems to be no information online about her. We think this poem is marvellous.

«May each day bring thee something
Fair to hold in memory -
Some true light to shine
Upon thee in the after days.
May each night bring thee peace,
As when the dove broods o'er
The young she loves; may day
And night the circle of
A rich experience weave
About thy life, and make
It rich with knowledge but radiant
With Love whose blossoms shall be
Tender deeds.

We hope you find these sentiments as uplifting as we do. It's a lovely wish to start a new year of hope - please pass it on!

by Arts and Designs on Fri, 07 Jan 2022, 19:14
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The winds of March were wild and drear ... ... A warm (especially if you live in Britain) welcome to our March newsletter.
Fair Maid of February ... A very warm welcome to February's newsletter!
The New Years Come, The Old Years Go ... ... Welcome to our last newsletter of 2017 (and first of 2018).
I heard the bells on Christmas Day ... A warm, festive welcome to our December newsletter!
The Black Cat and The Philosopher ... Hello and welcome to our Halloween newsletter ...
O wad some Power ... ... A warm welcome to our Autumnal newsletter.
Faith is the Bird that feels the light ... Welcome to September's Newsletter!
If ever any beauty I did see ... ... ...
She sights a Bird ... Welcome to our July 2017 newsletter
There are Moments ... ... "There are Moments, above all on spring evenings, when the lakes that hold our moons are sucked into the earth and nothing is left but wine and the touch of a hand."
Ne'er cast a cloot 'till May be oot ... A warm Spring welcome to the May 2017 newsletter!
Paint the Meadows with Delight ... A warm welcome to our April 2017 issue ...
Each minute sweeter than before ... A warm welcome to our March 2017 newsletter!
I wonder if the sap is stirring yet ... ... A warm welcome to our February 2017 newsletter!
One Little Person ... «One little person, giving all of her time to peace, makes news.
Warlocks and witches in a dance ... « Warlocks and witches in a dance;
Let Love Take Root ... ... ...
No Man Needs a Vacation ... ... ...
A Fur Coat in Texas in August ... Hello and welcome to our August newsletter!
If there is a limit to all things ... Welcome to the July newsletter!
Lux Tua Via Mea: Your Light's My Way ... Greetings and a warm welcome to our June newsletter.
Love, whose month is ever May, ... ... Welcome to May's Newsletter
Shamrocks, Walls and a Touch of the Blarney ... Welcome to your April 2016 newsletter!
Zen and the Art of Stitching ... A warm welcome to our March Newsletter.
Year of the Monkey ... We hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year celebrations.
It's Raining Cats and Dogs ... Happy New Year
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care ... ... ...
Treacle Scones ... Welcome to our November newsletter ...
Drawing the Impossible ... A warm welcome to our October newsletter.
On a bank of flowers, in a summer day ... Perhaps summers were better when Burns wrote the poem whose first line forms our title this month.
Imagination Rules the World ... We were inspired by the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo on the 18th June 1815 and so this month's title is a quotation attributed to
When pleasant sights salute the eyes ... «It is the month of June,
Ne'er cast a cloot ... ... Ne'er cast a cloot ...
Happy Easter! ... In this month's newsletter ...
We are Stardust ... ... «We are stardust
Kings may be blest ... As the birth of our national bard,
Ring in the New ... Welcome to 2015!
'Tis the season to be jolly! ... As the cold nights draw in, it seems a good idea to raise our spirits and Christmas is the ideal way to do it.
Peace, Prosperity and Pleasure ... To Keats it's the "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness" and to Bryant [it's] "the year's last, loveliest smile".
No spring nor summer's beauty hath such grace ... ... Welcome to our October newsletter - it's a little longer than usual as there's lots to tell you.
Rest is not idleness ... «...
Worth Waiting For ... We hope your summer (or winter) has been as pleasant as ours.
This Sporting Summer ... This year it's certainly another summer of sport with the World Cup in Brazil as well as the usual round of tennis, golf and other tournaments.
People Take Pictures of Summer ... ... «People take pictures of summer, just in case someone thought they had missed it, and to prove that it really existed.»
A spirit of youth in everything ... The title is taken from Shakespeare's Sonnet XCVIII
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